Long Beach Merchants Association | Regular Meeting

Long Beach Merchants Association | Regular Meeting
Friday, April 9, 2010, 8:00 am
Benson’s by the Beach Restaurant; 504 S Pacific in Long Beach; 642-3300


Steven Linhart, Paula Mraz, Dave Little, Keith Schwartz, Sherry Hash, Craig Smith, Merry Scharfe, Holly Beller, Stephanie Adams, Hillary Trusty, Lydia Davis, Jerry Phillips, Bob & Judie Andrews, Cathi Bonney, Troy Rodenbaugh, Becky Johnson, Lois Roberts, Dennis Roberts, Keleigh Schwartz, Gayle Borehard

APPROVAL OF MINUTES Motion as to approve as written by Merry Scharfe and seconded by Sherry Hash.

TREASURER’S REPORT Given verbally and attached.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS Willapa Harbor Herald’s Visitors guide deadline is soon and Gina is asking if anyone/merchants want an ad in the publication. Please call her @ 360/942-3466 ext 223 for placement.

On-line registrations for the events : Craig Smith  reiterated that he needs to make sure he receives the back-up of said registrations; Lydia from Total Health Fitness Center spoke about the 24-hour secure access located at 811 Pacific Hwy South, Suite #3, Long Beach, WA
Hillary Trusty announced – April 23h and 24th having a home and garden show where is it located at the Elks 10 to 6; any non profit organization may have a desk there with no charge. 25 participants already!

Blue Grass Festival  – Steve Linhart spoke on Ruthann Hocking’s behalf  the event was very popular and successful.  Mayor Bob mentioned that Ruthann Hocking already has the bands booked for next year; far as revenue they are in the black.
Beach To Chowder Run/Walk – Paula Mraz/Sherry Hash reported they are moving forward getting closer to the deadline
Doggie Olympic Games – Brandy Ferguson has resigned as the chair for Doggie Olympic. Next Friday there will be a LBMA meeting, and if there is no one there to take over Brandy’s spot, the Doggie Olympics will not happen this year. Steven Linhart is meeting with her today, Friday, April 9, 2010, to gather all information
SandSations – Becky Johnson reported they are all set up lot between funland and police station;  4 solo artists coming in  as well as a master team and a Christmas display for people to have pictures taken for Christmas cards; set up for online registration for payment; Regan has scheduled the  music; received more revenue and they are now $800.00 in the red vs.  2k in the red.
Jake’s Birthday – Keleigh Schwartz-  There will be two separate day for this event. One for kids and one for 21 years and older that will be held at the Elks Club. The pricing has not been stated yet, but we will be updated as soon we know.
Kite Festival – Jane Holeman was not present. Merry Scharfe spoke about the kite festival. Everything seems to be on track; t-shirts; vendors coming in.
Holidays at the Beach – Holly Beller sent out confirmations to Santa Jim and Mrs. Clause; passing out extra rack cards to events around town
LBMA Holiday After Hours- Ruth Ann Hocking proceed as normal despite the fact that Ruth Ann was not present.

Kite Museum – Sherry Hash spoke due to Kay’s absence. Instructions for two line kites he can provide kites for people giving lessons on the beach approach. This will more than likely be the last Saturday, April 10, 2010.
Loyalty Days – Bob Andrew reported all the scheduled events are mostly finalized. April 17th will be the coordination program. Have 8 bands for the parade; street closed in the morning and open in the afternoon.
Surf Perch Derby – Dale Jacobson reported that the derby started out as a city and its at its 10th year; applications are coming in; he will not be able to attend this year.
SummerFest –  Ragan Andrew was not present. But the general consensus is everything is okay.
Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau – Kay Buesing not here; Keleigh Schwartz will be speaking; continuing discussion on 4th July on how to make it safe and fun; business as usual; had the election; visitors are slightly up and web visitations  to website are up; and all are looking up for a great summer
Liaison to Long Beach City Council  – Jerry Phillips reported on a couple things one the  liaison for the saddle club they will have a parade for the rodeo; and  approaching the merchants to participate i.e. dress up. Keleigh Schwartz has updated the website for the city and hopefully the site is more user friendly; new website for Regan for the tour bus operators – one is a German group and the other consists of a one hour tour.
The website is longbeachpackagetravel.com; Qr codes we now have 33 distributed; the Arch was number one on hits and the Frying pan was 2; comments from vendors that they are interested
Liaison to Ocean Park, Ilwaco –  Dave Little reported –Ilwaco came up with a new marketing plan! Look for discover Ilwaco on Facebook. Blues and seafood have a kick-off the night before event in August.
Ocean park – continuing having visitors visit and having telephone calls inquiring; rod run is on; continuing to work on the walking trail; new event art in the park beginning July 4; Garlic Festival moving forward they now have two bands; an appeal has been filed regarding sunset view turning into a rehab center; bay avenue gallery has been opened; they are done with advertising this year;.

Dave Little is offering a 10% discount for services rendered with his company – Peninsula Computer  Repair @ Consulting – tel. no. is 360 642-0504 – email address is pc_repair@centurytel.net
Shred day free April 24

•    LB City Council Meeting:  April 19, 2010, 7:00 pm, City Hall
•    LBMA Board Meeting:  April 16, 2010, 8:00 am, Benson’s (Steven Linhart’s birthday) Happy Birthday
•    LBMA Meeting:  May 7, 2010, 8:00 am, Benson’s
The Meeting was adjourned at 8:42 am.