February 7th Meeting Minutes

Long Beach Merchants Association  |  Regular Meeting

Friday, February 4th , 2011, 8:00 am
Benson’s by the Beach Restaurant; 504 S Pacific in Long Beach; 642-3300


At 8:01am


Merry Scharfe, Steven Linhart, Craig Smith, Missy Bageant, Patrick Weros, Jerry Phillips, Diana Barker Sayce, Holly Beller, Lacie DeWitt, Ragan Andrew, Wendy Murry, Ruth Ann Hocking, Troy Rodenburg, Flint Wright, Gayle Bochard, Una Boyle, Keleigh Schwarts, Ethan Seifert, Wayne O’Dell, Bob & Judy Andrew, Jane Holeman, Sue Ellyson, Keith Schwarts, Kevin Dodson, Laura Price, Sherry Hash


Motion made by:  Steven Linhart    Seconded by: Jerry Phillips   Motions passes


Report given by Craig Smith see attached pdf. File



  • LBMA Budget approved at last meeting


  • Una Boyle: to talk about looking for a member review of the funbeach.com website in particular the activity and attractions page
    • New roll outs to the website over the year. Members please look at the site and see what you would like to be added or want to be seen on the website. Gayle thinks it looks great with the new roll out! Ruth Ann likes it. Holly abc directy harder to locate. Jane looking for tide tables and for them to be easy to find.  Ethan asked if anyone has a business listed on fun beach and would like to see it listed a different way?   You can contact  Ethan at Ethan@beacdog.com with any suggestions or questions you may have
    • If you have anything to tell them about the website send to Una Boyle and cc Keleigh Schwarts. Una & Ethan are willing to come back next meeting to talk about it more.

  • Chief Flint Wright: Proposal for Rod Run Weekend from the city
    • To close Hyw 103 from Sid Snyder to Bloastad from 6pm till midnight closing the road down around 4pm to have time to clear out those already parked. There will be room for 200 Rod Run cars to park.
    • Also to have a band on the stage and a dance. All of this to help calm things down were they have been escalating for the last couple of years.
    • Would like to have input from downtown merchants. Please send you feed back to the Chief Flint or Mayor Andrew.
    • Beach barons are on board with the City of Long Beaches Proposal
    • Wayne wanted to know if there will be a meeting for the merchants to come and ask questions. A Town Hall meeting will be held Chief Flint answered.
    • Chief Flint is worried about losing the Downtown area due to the activities that is going on after 10pm. The Chief plans on bringing in 5 additional police officers this summer.
    • Cruise start in Ocean Park between 4pm to 6pm and that will help with traffic.


  • Beach to Chowder Run/Walk [Sherry Hash]
    • Everything is underway, Had a constructive meeting with Una Boyle.
  • Doggie Olympic Games [Mike Litawa]
    • meeting this weekend with BeachDog to get flyers  done this weekend.
  • SandSations [Becky Johnson] No report
  • Jake’s Birthday [Wendy Murry]  Meeting this Sunday with co-planners, lots of people who want to help out and we are waiting till we have things for them to do.
  • Kite Festival [Jane Holeman]
    • Foreign guests, one is from the Netherlands and the other is from England Carl Longbottom. Brochures are on their way.  Logo is a dragon this year.
  • Holidays at the Beach [Holly Beller]  Has confirmation from Santa& Mrs. Claus will be down for Loyalty Day Parade riding on the trike.


  • Kite Museum [Kay Buesing]
    • Windless Kite festival best ever over 100 visitors! MADE MONEY! This weekend is the Asian New Year this weekend’s theme is Thailand there will be Thai dancers with exhibits!
  • Loyalty Days [Bob Andrew]  Things are off and running had first mailing and received 10 apps back in for parade. President James Monroe will be at the schools talking to the kids that Friday before.  Ragan and Lacie have things going with the Loyalty Day Court.
  • Surf Perch Derby [Dale Jacobson]
    • no report
  • SummerFest [Ragan Andrew]
    • Have bands and entertainers that want to perform, getting creative with the new big stage.
    • Concert at the Old Train Depot this Saturday and one coming each month.
    • Package Travel Workshop on Monday Feb 7th
  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau [Holly Beller]
    • Visitor Bureau adds at bridal shows, coastal shows, and  Coastal  Weekend,
    • Vacation planners going to sporting shows also
    • Pocket calendars are ready
    • Looking at possible electric car plug in’s
    • Visitor Bureau is now tweeting
  • Liaison to Long Beach City Council [Steven Linhart]
    • There is work going on with the new dog park on the east side of Culbertson Park, in talks with the school district that owns that property.
    • New Mayor Pro-Term Gordon Zern was put in
    • Beach Pets Fundraiser Beb 19th 8am-Noon $5
    • Lion Club bring the circus back June 5th, one show at 2pm and one at 4:30pm
  • City Lodging Tax Advisory Committee [Wayne O’Dell]
    • 5 year plan that they are working on to get to a productive plan…goal is to figure out how to bring more people to the peninsula with money.
    • Talking about how to extend events longer and to see if it would be even possible with the existing festivals. Will be asking all festival heads about their thoughts as well.
  • Liaison to Ocean Park, Ilwaco [Laura Price]
    • Ilwaco:  Diane Carter is the new liaison  to the Visitor Bureau
    • Peninsula  Players moved to the old River City Dance Building with the help from the USCG
    • Ocean Park : Talked about the Back Pack Ministries, 10 pack backs will be filled with non-perishable foods and given to the children and then they will bring the back pack back to school and it will be filled again before the weekend so the child and siblings has food to eat over the weekend.
  • Columbia –Pacific Farmers Market [Gayle Borchard]
    • Just attended the, WA State Farmers Market Association Conference good thing we found out is that everyone does this differently!
    • looking for volunteers
    • Soft opening at May 6th grand opening maybe July.
    • City website has the applications for vendors there.
  • Ruth Ann Hocking with Thank You Cards:
    • Thank you card from The Williams Family for the plant sent in their fathers honor, Tim Williams.
    • Christmas card from the Domestic Violence Run Committee for the support of the event.
  • Mayor Andrew:
    • Pool Committee meeting and going to Astoria Pool to gather some information and research.
    • The account the pool money is in is doing well and  up to 4 million dollars now


*  LB City Council Meeting: February 7th, 7:00 pm, City Hall

*  LBMA Board Meeting: February 18th , 8:00 am, Benson’s

*  LBMA Meeting: March 4th, 8:00 am, Benson’s


Meeting adjourned at 9am