LBMA January 7th, 2011 Meeting

Long Beach Merchants Association  |  Regular Meeting

Friday, January 7th, 2011, 8:00 am
Benson’s by the Beach Restaurant; 504 S Pacific in Long Beach; 642-3300


At 8am by LBMA President Mary Scharfe


Merry Scharfe, Steven Linhart, Craig Smith, Jane Holman, Ruth Ann Hocking, Missy Bageant, Becky Johnson, Troy Roclenbaugh, Holly Beller, Ragan Andrew, Laura Price, Gayle Borchard, Cheri Diehl, Dave Keisur, Lacie Dewitt, Wayne O’Dell, Boyd Keyser, Sue Ellyson, Jerry Phillips, Sandra Hay Magtale, Keleigh Schwartz, Keith Schwartz, Brent Dennis, Dave Little, Dennis Roberts, Gene Miles, Richard Dawson


Amendment to the minutes to reflect that  Craig Smith was reelected as treasure

Motion to approve the minutes:  Steven Linhart

2nded the motion: Cheri Diehl


Treasurer’s Report given by Craig Smith

JanTreasurersReport0001 (1)

  • Accountant had access to view information on our online account ; we would like our accountant to still have access to this information. This was agreed upon by the group to allow the accountant to still have access to view the online account.
  • Memberships 51 members renewing if there is anyone else please renew your membership or invite new member and have them come in. Last year was 65


  • Vote on General Fund Budget
    • How do we manage the oversight of the festivals? Wayne is helping with Sandsations but offered to help other events.  (Craig) We are doing a little more oversight as checks come in.  (Steven)There is going to be some new addition fees that the Ass. That hasn’t had to pay for in the past. Those things are going to be added back into the festivals budget.  Things the city paid for now the festival will be paying for. Will be getting those numbers to the event chairs soon!
    • Need Clarification on all of above…..Ruth Ann Hocking will be in contact with the mayor (*Note as of 1/10/2011 Mayor Andrew sent out an email concerning the above matter a hard copy is with the minutes in the secretary notebook.)
    • Steven Linhart made a motion to pass the budget as is and to revisit as needed… Seconded by Gayle Borchard.


  • Boyd Keyser from the Ocean Beach School District
    • Offers a meeting area at the School District office. It is open to the community for no cost.
    • State of the school district report:  High School Vocational programs in hospitality and tourism, possible culinary arts program coming.  New Math program last year, New Writing program this year, hands on science program for next year. An outstanding Music program this year in all the schools and a High School Marching band this year!
    • Concerned about the physical standing, The District is Losing 350 thousand for this year! Local support we get from patrons in the form of levies is important.  Out to renew our current Maintenance &Operations Levy. Ballots go out Jan 28 election Feb 8th
  • Ragan Andrew – Travel Package update(handout)
    • Updating website to be more informative
    • Package Travel Workshop Feb. 7th what is it, why have it, tourism trend? Best bang for your buck. Look for more information on
  • Ruth Ann asked that the LBMA send a plant or something to the funeral Tim Williams.
    • Also pointing out the connection to Police Chief Ralph Painter from Rainer had volunteered here helping with Loyalty Days and Bluegrass. He loved us down here and they looked to retire here on the peninsula.


  • Beach To Chowder Run/Walk:   Not in attendance
  • Doggie Olympic Games:  No in attendance
  • SandSations: Becky Johnson had  no news to report
  • Jake’s Birthday:  Missy Bageant reported that everything was on track
  • Kite Festival: Jane Holeman Reported that they are looking for a foreign guest and logo to have soon.
  • Holidays at the Beach: Holly Beller reported that she is working on Name the Sea Serpent Contest, and working on funding….growing some funds


  • Kite Museum:
    • Windless Kite Festival to be held MLK weekend Jan 15th& 16th at Long Beach school

  • Loyalty Days: Ruthann reports that they are moving forward, Speaker will be James Monroe, This year’s them is 1st responders. Think about entries for the local parades April 30th Children’s Parade in Ilwaco, May 1st Long Beach Loyalty Day Parade.  No Senior Court for Miss Loyalty Day this year due to lack of entries. Focus on the 10 junior girls and coronation to be held in October.
  • Surf Perch Derby:  No report given
  • SummerFest Ragan Andrew reported that they started the ball rolling , events out end of April and 1st of May
  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau : Need a liaison to the LBMA: Holly Beller and Lacey Dewitt interested in going to meetings.
  • Liaison to Long Beach City Council:
    • Worked on animal ordinance to change the old. Domestic violence Aug 6th, water plant is online and it is moving forward and looking strong.
    • City Lodging Tax Advisory Committee [Wayne O’Dell] Didn’t have a meeting last month no report
    • Liaison to Ocean Park, Ilwaco Laura Price reported
    • Tax facts are updated, Ilwaco merchant meeting 25,000 visitors to the market last year.
    • Columbia-Pacific Farmers Market [Gayle Borchard]
      • Facebook accounts up now…become friends! Address below :
      • Local contest going looking for two logos….For Volunteers and the Market for merchandise to sell.
      • Ragan working on getting entertainment for Friday nights
      • Market to be held at the property behind Funland
      • Cost? $50 special city license  and working on the fee for selling at the market
      • Target start date is Mother’s Day weekend
      • Jerry Phillips reported that the Elks served 450 meals for Christmas! Lot more needy families and fewer donations this year. Thank you to all the volunteers!
        • Gene Miles Mentioned Oysters and Art coming up April 2nd
          • He also talked about the benefit of the different services and events that are now at the peninsula such as Dalais Center and Beach Cleanup bringing people to vacation here. People have the services that they may need that they can now receive on the peninsula and events like the Beach Cleanup that allow people to come out and help.
          • Water plant open house in May TBA
          • Jerry Phillip also reported on that there is packet on counterfeit bills available …lots of $1 fake bills going around. Counting on the pen is not the best way to make sure it is real.
          • Beach Cleanup Saturday Jan 8th 9:30 am, potluck Friday Jan 7th, soup feed Saturday Also has a Facebook page here is the address


LB City Council Meeting: January 18st, 7:00 pm, City Hall

LBMA Board Meeting: January 21st, 8:00 am, Benson’s

LBMA Meeting: February 4th , 8:00 am, Benson’s


Meeting was called to a close at 9:03am By LBMA President Merry Scharfe