LBMA General Meeting Minutes 10-2-15

Long Beach Merchants Association                       Regular Meeting

Friday, October 2, 2015 8:00 AM

Lightship Restaurant @ Chautauqua Lodge, Long Beach

Treasurer Hintz called the meeting to order at 8:00am and asked that everyone stand for the pledge of allegiance.

Please see the attached Sign-in sheet.

There was not a quorum present.

Treasurer Karl Hintz provided a report.

Currently there are 88 members and membership invoices for 2016 were just sent out. The LBMA sent out over 600 to local businesses. It was mentioned that it would be great to get some new members involved to get things going, add some new people into the mix.

LTAC requests for the City of Long Beach-  
The LTAC requests for the City of Long Beach are due October 19, 2015. Ragan just wanted to remind everyone to get them turned in along with their JLARC reporting from 2015.

Comedy Fundraiser for Holidays at the Beach November 7th at the Elks Lodge
Holidays at the Beach is hosting a fundraiser comedy event at the Elks Lodge on November 7th. Tickets are available through the LBMA officers. The last comedy event that supported Sandsations was very successful. The Elks lodge will also be providing some food for sale during the event. LBMA is looking for help selling tickets, setting up and other volunteers.

Officers for 2016
Officer positions for 2016 have been filled, approval of appointment will be left for a later meeting.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
The LBMA has conducted two ribbon cutting ceremonies this summer, for the Coastal Inns and Suites and Home at the Beach/Imperial Schooner and Beautiful Things. These ceremonies have been well received by the business owners and the community as a whole. The Long Beach Kabob House is next on the list for a ribbon cutting. Another business for consideration would be the Best Western once it is finished, Ragan suggested that the ribbon cutting happen when the City Council and Mayor tour the building. That was agreed upon and should be scheduled for competition some time before January 2016.

Other new business mentioned:
Jessica Rowlett presented about the Preparedness Fair and a couple other events and programs that can be used to prepare a community for a natural disaster.

Holli Kemmer also gave a request for the LBMA to pay for half of her stay with at the WFEA and OFEA convention. She went last year and found it extremely beneficial, she met vendors that she used for Kite Festival and brought back a lot of valuable information.

COMMITTEE REPORTS (15 min)                                                                                                                                   

LBMA Events: [Chair (Supervising Board Member)]

  • Clam Festival [Randy Dennis (Ruth Ann Hocking)] Nothing to report.
  • Beach to Chowder Run/Walk and Half Marathon [Jeff Harrell (Steven Linhart)] Everything is going according to schedule.
  • SandSations [Joyce Rangila (Laura Smith)] There was a lot of discussion around this item, it isn’t clear who the chair will be and where things ended. There is the possibility of dividing this chair position up into 5-6 volunteer components.
  • Jake’s Birthday [Wendy Murry (Ariel Smith)] The event went well, looking towards next year. The event made money!
  • Holidays at the Beach [Mike Myers (Ruth Ann Hocking)] Working towards the comedy event Fundraiser. It was mentioned that Mrs. Clause couldn’t make it one weekend, so the coordination there was being reviewed.
  • LBMA After Hours [Ruth Ann Hocking (Ruth Ann Hocking)] Should be the 1st Thursday in December and everyone is invited to come, it’s a fun time!


Ragan reported that there would be no Myers Pumpkin Patch this year.

Steve Linhart also presented an item regarding the potential crosswalk up by 26th St in Long Beach. That is a very dangerous area in town and there have been many pedestrian vs car accidents there. A solution is being sought out, he is asking that the LBMA donate to the City of Long Beach to have that cross walk put in. His presentation was well received and it looks like the LBMA will be making a contribution.

Non-LBMA Events: [Chair (Entity)]

  • World Kite Museum & Kite Festival [Holli Kemmer] Holli presented One Sky, One World. She handed out fliers and encouraged everyone to spread the word.
  • Loyalty Days [Bob Andrew (Loyalty Days Foundation)] They had their exit meeting and are working towards next year.
  • Surf Perch Derby [Marla Johnson (Long Beach Lion’s Club)] It will be returned to its original weekend and they are looking for someone to run it.
  • Summerfest/Columbia Pacific Farmer’s Market [Ragan Myers/Gayle Borchard (City of Long Beach)] Was very successful this summer, the last one will be next week.
  • Port of Ilwaco [(Guy Glenn Jr.)] Not in attendance.
  • Long Beach Elk’s Lodge [Maureen Gilbert (BPOE No.1937)] Not in attendance.
  • Wellspring Community Network [Vinessa Karnofski ] Not in attendance.

LBMA Appointments

  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitor’s Bureau Board [Karl Hintz] – They haven’t met since last June, so Karl will report at the next general meeting.
  • Liaison to Long Beach City Council [Jerry Phillips] –None
  • Liaison to Ocean Park Chamber & Ilwaco Merchant Association [Laura Price] –None


  • Long Beach City Council:, 7:00pm, City Hall (1st & 3rd Mondays) November 2nd, 2015
  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitor’s Bureau Board:, Noon, TBD (2nd Thursday) November 11th, 2015
  • LBMA Board:, 8:00am, Benson’s by the Beach (3rd Friday) November 20th, 2015
  • LBMA General Meeting:, 8:00am, Lightship (1st Friday) November 6th, 2015


Treasurer Hintz adjourned the meeting at 9:22am