LBMA General Meeting Minutes 2-5-16

Long Beach Merchants Association                       Regular Meeting

Friday, February 5, 2016, 8:00 AM

Lightship Restaurant @ Chautauqua Lodge, Long Beach


President Hintz called the meeting to order at 8:06am.

Please see the attached sign-in sheet

No quorum

President Karl Hintz provided a report, LBMA has a grand told of $65,343.59.

Currently we have received 90 membership forms returned for 2016. The goal is again reach 100 members, hopefully a membership committee will be form to achieve that.

2016 Membership Stickers- President Hintz presented the price for the stickers which was a $3.00 increase from last year. The general membership felt that the LBMA should continue with the purchase of the stickers and the board would vote on it later this month.

Geocaching Event– President Hintz explained that the board spoke about a geocaching event last month and the board wanted to bring it to the City of Long Beach to see if there were LTAC funds available. It was noted that the budget had already been set and there would not be another distribution of LTAC funds for 2016, and to submit a request for 2017. Hintz asked if the LBMA would want to fund the event for the first year and then ask for LTAC funds; Jay Personius mentioned that might be something that the Port of Peninsula would like to help with. He was going to put something together to present to his board.
Update on FacebookDrew from the LBPVB and Jay from the Port of Peninsula have volunteered to help with the Facebook page and have made a lot of improvement within the last couple weeks. There was question whether or not the page should remain private or public, what the goals of the LBMA were, to draw new members and businesses or to inform the current list of members. That ultimate goal is still to be determined, this discussion will continue. As of now the help from Jay and Drew is greatly appreciated.

Membership Committee – President Hintz just went over the membership committee again, confirming who has volunteered. They plan to meet soon to discuss ideas and future plans.




Mike Challis from Mike’s Computer Repair was the presenter and his main focus was to inform everyone about the different kinds of viruses. He explained what he does to prevent viruses and what he uses to clean them up, he also gave suggestions to avoid getting viruses in the first place. He also gave recommendations on what virus protection to use and what browser to use.

COMMITTEE REPORTS (15 min)                                                                                                                                   

LBMA Events: [Chair (Supervising Board Member)]

  • Clam Festival [Randy Dennis (Ruth Ann Hocking)] Dianna Knight was in attendance for the absent Randy, she provided a report. All events are in place and on track.
  • Beach to Chowder Run/Walk and Half Marathon [Jeff Harrell (Laura Price)] Beach to Chowder will be on June 18th, there will be 100 rewards, walkers and strollers welcome, if dogs are going to participate make sure they are properly leashed.
  • SandSations [Karl Hintz] Karl gave a report, he met with the committee, they are working on the logo, and Facebook page. There is a lot going on between cities that host different sand castle contests and trying to collaborate them all together.
  • Jake’s Birthday [Wendy Murry (Ariel Smith)] The Unipiper has offered to lead Jake’s parade, the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile will be there and the next thing up will be obtaining the liquor license and everything else is on track.
  • Holidays at the Beach [Holli Kemmer (Ruth Ann Hocking)] They haven’t begun to focus on the 2016 event yet as the 2015 event just occurred. There were some suggestions made regarding a breakfast with Santa and other new ideas to bring to the event.
  • LBMA After Hours [Holli Kemmer (Ruth Ann Hocking)] It will happen in December and planning will begin in November.


Non-LBMA Events: [Chair (Entity)]

  • World Kite Museum & Kite Festival [Holli Kemmer] Asian New Year is happening this month, there is a new exhibit and more details to follow.
  • Loyalty Days [Bob Andrew (Loyalty Days Foundation)] Letters have gone out for parade participants and everything is on track.
  • Surf Perch Derby [Marla Johnson (Long Beach Lion’s Club)] Not in attendance
  • Summerfest/Columbia Pacific Farmer’s Market [Ragan Myers/Gayle Borchard (City of Long Beach)] The Long Beach City Council reviewed their LTAC budget and modified some of the Summerfest budget and the Farmer’s Market will be 17 dates this year with approved vendors.
  • Port of Ilwaco [(Guy Glenn Jr.)] Not in attendance at the time of this report.
  • Long Beach Elk’s Lodge [Maureen Gilbert (BPOE No.1937)] Valentines Day dinner and Oyster Feed the 1st weekend of May.
  • Wellspring Community Network [Vinessa Karnofski] Not in attendance.
  • Port of Peninsula [Mary DeLong (Jay Personius) Jay mentioned that he would approaching the board at the next upcoming meeting about the geocaching event.

LBMA Appointments

  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitor’s Bureau Board [Karl Hintz] – Drew Foster mentioned the social media 201 class at the Ilwaco Community Building on February 9th from 6-8pm.
  • Liaison to Long Beach City Council [Jerry Phillips] – Holli Kemmer is the newest Councilmember, the trolley has its new wrap and that the city has had multiple meetings regarding the 4th of July.
  • Liaison to Ocean Park Chamber & Ilwaco Merchant Association [Laura Price] – Reported on various events and updates throughout the Peninsula.


  • Long Beach City Council:, 7:00pm, City Hall (1st & 3rd Mondays)
  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitor’s Bureau Board:, Noon, TBD (2nd Thursday)
  • LBMA Board:, 8:00am, Benson’s by the Beach (3rd Friday)
  • LBMA General Meeting:, 8:00am, Lightship (1st Friday)


President Hintz adjourned the meeting at 9:23am