LBMA General Meeting Minutes 10-7-16

Long Beach Merchants Association                     Regular Meeting

Friday, October 7, 2016, 8:00 AM

Lightship Restaurant @ Chautauqua Lodge, Long Beach


President Hintz called the meeting to order at 8:02am.

President Karl Hintz, Treasurer Laura Smith, Secretary Ariel Smith, Holli Kemmer, Guy Glenn Jr., Nancy Hillis, Doug Miller, Ruth Ann Hocking, Mike Myers, Ragan Myers, Susan Carney and Iver Matheson

Did not have a quorum.

Treasurer Laura Smith provided a report – total $60,450.36

President Hintz mentioned that current secretary Ariel Smith was going to take over as Vice President for 2017. We hope to gain more members and spread the word about the LBMA and what they do for local merchants. We want to reinvigorate the way that merchants view the LBMA and let them know what benefits we can bring to them.

Bark at the Beach – Nancy Hillis from the American Cancer Society was in attendance she reported on the Bark at the Beach event. An event put on by the American Cancer Society to raise awareness for dogs with cancer. This event also utilized some of the supplies that were in storage for the Doggie Olympics. They raised a total of $403.00 and hope to continue the event for many years to come.

Membership Drive – President Hintz mentioned that a membership team would be beneficial to getting information out to the community and sending out annual membership renewal forms. He was looking for volunteers or ideas to help with this drive.

Doug Miller from the PUD – Doug was in attendance to talk about Initiative 732 which would tax carbon emissions, this has a direct effect on the utility. As Bonneville, the main power source for the PUD at times is forced to purchase coal which then turn would taxed. Then relaying that cost onto the utility and ultimately the customer.  See the attached flier.

Storage Unit  – Holli Kemmer mentioned that the LBMA storage unit should be cleaned out again. There will be a cleaning group on November 5th.


Ragan Myers from the City of Long Beach discussed multiple advertising opportunities for the LBMA and other merchants, reminding them to get their budget requests in by November 1st and to fill out a JLARC report. She also mentioned the publication that the WFEA puts out and encouraged festival heads to put in an advertisement.

COMMITTEE REPORTS (15 min)                                                                                                        

LBMA Events: [Chair (Supervising Board Member)]

  • Clam Festival [Russel Maize (Ruth Ann Hocking)]- Ruth Ann mentioned that she needs to schedule a meeting with Russel.
  • Beach to Chowder Run/Walk [Jeff Harrell (Laura Price)]-No one at the meeting.
  • SandSations [Karl Hintz]-Great year, hope the tides are better next year and hope to do some more fundraising. Karl is meeting with Burt sometime soon to start discussing next year.
  • Jake’s Birthday [Wendy Murry (Ariel Smith)]-The 10-year anniversary went really well, there was a cost overrun of $2,000 due to the extras for the anniversary.
  • Holidays at the Beach [Holli Kemmer (Ruth Ann Hocking)]-They are having a meeting follow the LBMA meeting.
  • LBMA After Hours [Holli Kemmer (Ruth Ann Hocking)]- Will be the second Thursday in December, make sure only to give invites to LBMA members.


Non-LBMA Events: [Chair (Entity)]

  • World Kite Museum & Kite Festival [Holli Kemmer]- One Sky, One World is this weekend. The Windless Kites Festival will be in January after Martin Luther King weekend.
  • Loyalty Days [Bob Andrew (Loyalty Days Foundation)]-Everyone is very excited and the theme is Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Surf Perch Derby [Marla Johnson (Long Beach Lion’s Club)]- No one was in attendance.
  • Summerfest/Columbia Pacific Farmer’s Market [Ragan Myers (City of Long Beach)]-Getting ready for budget season.
  • Port of Ilwaco [(Guy Glenn Jr.)]- Still continue to dredge, working on budgeting, it was a good summer despite the slow fishing season. Blues and Seafood went well attracting nearly 800 people.
  • Long Beach Elk’s Lodge [Maureen Gilbert (BPOE No.1937)]-Not in attendance
  • Wellspring Community Network [Vinessa Karnofski]-Not in attendance.
  • Port of Peninsula [Mary DeLong (Jay Personius)-Not in attendance.

LBMA Appointments

  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitor’s Bureau Board [Karl Hintz] – There hasn’t been a meeting since the beginning of summer so he will have an update at the next meeting.
  • Liaison to Long Beach City Council [Jerry Phillips] – Holli Kemmer that budget season is near.
  • Liaison to Ocean Park Chamber & Ilwaco Merchant Association [Laura Price] – Laura was not in attendance so Ragan gave a couple updates, this weekend there is One Sky, One World, the Craberrian Fair and the Move Against Caner bike/walk/run next weekend the 15th.


  • Long Beach City Council:, 7:00pm, City Hall (1st & 3rd Mondays)
  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitor’s Bureau Board:, Noon, TBD (2nd Thursday)
  • LBMA Board:, 8:00am, Benson’s by the Beach (3rd Friday)
  • LBMA General Meeting:, 8:00am, Lightship (1st Friday)


President Hintz adjourned the meeting at 9:26am