LBMA General Meeting Minutes 01/06/17

Long Beach Merchants Association                    Regular Meeting

Friday, January 6, 2017 8:00 AM

Lightship Restaurant @ Chautauqua Lodge, Long Beach



President Hintz called meeting to order at 8:05 am


President Karl Hintz, Vice President Ariel Smith, Treasurer Laura Smith, Secretary Sarah Gentry, Board Member Holli Kemmer, Board Member Ruth Ann Hocking, Ragan Myers, Marcus Shucker, Patty Rolfi, Guy Glenn, Susan Carney, Chris Carney, Lois Roberts, Jeff Parker, Bob Pensworth

APPROVAL OF MINUTES (1 min) June 3rd, 2016 – Regular Meeting – Motion to approve the 6/3/16 Minutes (Holli Kemmer/Laura Smith) – All Ayes October 7th, 2016 – Regular Meeting – Motion to approve the 10/7/16 Minutes (Holli Kemmer/Ruth Ann Hocking) – All Ayes November 4, 2016 – Regular Meeting – Motion to approve the 11/4/16 Minutes (Holli Kemmer/Laura Smith) – All Ayes TREASURER’S REPORT (2 min)

Treasurer Laura Smith provided report:

01/2016-12/2016 Actual Total Expense $10,425.27 & Actual Net Income $4,325.73

01/2016-12/2016 Budget Total Expense $11,110.00 & Budget Net Income $190.00

01/2017-12/2017 Proposed Budget Total Expense $13,615.00 & Proposed Budget Net Income $35.00

Motion to approve Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual Jan – Dec 2016 (Guy Glenn/Holli Kemmer) – All Ayes


For the 2016/2017 dues we have 80 members already signed up and paid. In order to continue the effort towards 100 members, will plan to divvy up outstanding merchants at next month’s meeting.

NEW BUSINESS (10 min) Long Beach Circus – LBMA has taken on responsibility of ticket sales for Circus. Will continue discussions regarding marketing and possibility of pre-paid ticket sales as LBMA will not have possession of tickets until about 30 days prior to circus.

Regan Myers – Recommend part time person to oversee committee for every event. Lengthy discussion regarding pros and cons. Will re-address if/when budget allows.



Determine new location to hold LBMA meetings – See Below “Merchant Minute” details


Karl Hintz – Lightship Restaurant – Business closed effective 01/01/2017

Discussion regarding new location(s) to hold LBMA meetings. LBMA may continue to meet at Lightship Restaurant Feb and March 2017.

Other possible meeting locations included: Kite Museum, Chautauqua, Train Depot, and Elk’s. Also discussed possibility of coffee service and/or LBMA members sign up each month to bring in breakfast snack for meetings.


LBMA Events: [Chair (Supervising Board Member)]

  • Clam Festival [Russel Maize (Ruth Ann Hocking)] An employee of Russel Maize will attend next month’s meeting to give report
  • Beach to Chowder Run/Walk [Jeff Harrell/Dustin Mead (Laura Price)] No one in attendance
  • SandSations [Karl Hintz (Karl Hintz)] Ragan Myers – State Park Permit has been sent in and paid. President Hintz – No additional update at this time.
  • Jake’s Birthday [Wendy Murry (Ariel Smith)] No new update at this time
  • Holidays at the Beach [Holli Kemmer (Ruth Ann Hocking)] Holli Kemmer – More people in attendance this year than the last few years. Feels 1 weekend was better than 2 weekends in the past. Need new Chair and Co-Chair for 2017
  • LBMA After Hours [Holli Kemmer (Ruth Ann Hocking)] – Holli Kemmer – Went well however attendance was low due to rescheduling issues due to weather.



Non-LBMA Events: [Chair (Entity)]

  • World Kite Museum & Kite Festival [Holli Kemmer] Ragan Myers – Windless Kites 1/21/17 & 1/22/17 – Longest running indoor kite event in North America
  • Loyalty Days [Bob Andrew (Loyalty Days Foundation)] Ragan Myers – Theme is “I Pledge Allegiance” – Shelton High School is looking to bring marching and concert band to LB for Loyalty Days.
  • Surf Perch Derby [Marla Johnson (Long Beach Lion’s Club)] Holli Kemmer – Believes this is still happening and is working on scheduling at this time.
  • Summerfest/Columbia Pacific Farmer’s Market [Ragan Myers (City of Long Beach)] Schedule of events is in the works. Looking to focus on hands on activities, tribute bands and cultural education.
  • Port of Ilwaco [Guy Glenn Jr.] Guy Glenn – Chinook dredge sank and trying to get dredge to Ilwaco. New bakery in Port Bistro location and will be opening later this year.
  • Port of Peninsula [Mary Delong/Jay Personius] Mary Delong has retired – No one in attendance
  • Long Beach Elk’s Lodge [Maureen Gilbert (BPOE No.1937)] No one in attendance
  • Wellspring Community Network [Vinessa Karnofski] No one in attendance
  • Cache Dash Splash Geocaching Event [Laurie Freeman] No one in attendance
  • Ohana Media Group – Representative provided info to those in attendance regarding On-Air auction 1/21/17

LBMA Appointments

  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitor’s Bureau Board [Karl Hintz] Nothing new at this time
  • Liaison to Long Beach City Council [Jerry Phillips/Holli Kemmer] Below provided by Ragan Myers:
  1. •All 4 parade road closure permits have be submitted to WADOT for 2017 events
  2. •All 10 state parks special events permits have been sent in and paid for.
  3. •Gave information on Events Logistics Checklist and Promotions of Festivals and Events
  4. •National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament January 14th at IHS
  5. •Crab Feed if they have Crab is the 14th, $18 per person for 1 crab dinner
  6. •Jazz and Oysters August 19th in Long Beach, new venue this year.
  7. •9 Softball Tournaments have been scheduled in Long Beach for 2017
  8. •Operation Homeless Connect takes place January 26th, 2017
  9. •Shoeboxes of Joy met their goal for 2016
  10. •Attending WTA with Natalie on the 24th in Olympia
  11. •Brochures for businesses are on the back table
  • Liaison to Ocean Park Chamber & Ilwaco Merchant Association [Laura Price] Nothing new of OP Chamber – Ilwaco: Guy Glenn – Don Nesbit is President now. Saturday Market is on schedule.



  • Long Beach City Council: 7:00pm, City Hall (1st & 3rd Mondays)
  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitor’s Bureau Board: Noon, TBD (2nd Thursday)
  • LBMA Board: 8:00am, Benson’s (3rd Friday)
  • LBMA General Meeting: 8:00am, Lightship (1st Friday)




President Hintz adjourned the meeting at 9:35 am