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LBMA General Meeting January 2, 2015

Long Beach Merchants Association                       Regular Meeting

Friday, January 2nd, 2015 8:00 AM

Lightship Restaurant @ Chautauqua Lodge, Long Beach


President Jerry Phillips called the meeting to order at 8:04am and the pledge of allegiance was recited.

Please see the attached sign-in sheet

Minutes could not be approved at this time due to the fact that there was not a quorum.

Treasurer Karl Hintz provided a report.

There are currently 71 paid members of the LBMA.

President Phillips announced the date and time of the next board meeting which is on January 16th at Benson’s at 8:00am. Sondra Eaton from Peninsula Golf Course and the Cove Restaurant mentioned a possible pub crawl. She has been speaking to other merchants about the event. She would like suggestions on travel for those participating the pub crawl, the Transit system was mentioned. Dave Erikson from the Chautauqua Lodge mentioned that he would like to see more events in the off season. Some ideas where mentioned, wine-tasting, bluegrass festival, hot rods, car conventions and possibly an Oktoberfest.


President Phillips brought up a couple topics including, what is currently stored at the LBMA storage unit. He also touch on current policies and procedures for exiting officers.

COMMITTEE REPORTS (15 min)                                                                                                                                   

LBMA Events: [Chair (Supervising Board Member)]

  • Clam Festival [Robyn Schneider (Ruth Ann Hocking)] Ruth Ann reported that Robyn and Randy are working diligently and she is sure that it will be a success again this year!
  • Beach to Chowder Run/Walk and Half Marathon [Jeff Harrell (Steven Linhart)] nothing to report at this time.
  • Doggie Olympic Games [Danielle Miller (2015 Board Member)] Nothing to report at this time.
  • SandSations [Joyce Rangila (2015 Board Member)] Nothing to report at this time.
  • Jake’s Birthday [Wendy Murry (Ariel Smith)] Ariel mentioned that she will get in touch with Wendy and give an update at the next regular meeting.
  • Holidays at the Beach [Mike Meyers (Ruth Ann Hocking)] The dates for next year were discussed.
  • LBMA After Hours [Ruth Ann Hocking (2015 Board Member)] The 2014 event went well and she is looking forward to next year.


Non-LBMA Events: [Chair (Entity)]

  • World Kite Museum & Kite Festival [Holli Kemmer] Patty Rolfe was in attendance for Holli and she presented the upcoming Windless Kite Festival.
  • Loyalty Days [Bob Andrew (Loyalty Days Foundation)] The Mayor reported that the event is getting closer.
  • Surf Perch Derby [Marla Johnson (Long Beach Lion’s Club)] No report
  • Summerfest/Columbia Pacific Farmer’s Market [Ragan Myers/Gayle Borchard (City of Long Beach)] The process has begun in preparation for this year’s market.
  • Long Beach Elk’s Lodge [Maureen Gilbert (BPOE No.1937)] Natalie reported that on St. Patricks Day the Elk’s will be having corn beef and cabbage. She also mentioned a possible Merchants Appreciation Day.
  • Wellspring Community Network [Lindsey Hylton] No report

LBMA Appointments

  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitor’s Bureau Board [Karl Hintz] There was no meeting in December
  • Liaison to Long Beach City Council [Jerry Phillips] The budget was approved and they were looking forward to 2015
  • Liaison to Long Beach Marketing Committee [Natalie Hanson] The Marketing Committee has been suspended
  • Liaison to Ocean Park Chamber & Ilwaco Merchant Association [Laura Price] Not in attendance


  • Long Beach City Council:, 7:00pm, City Hall (1st & 3rd Mondays) February 2nd, 2015
  • Long Beach Peninsula Visitor’s Bureau Board:, Noon, TBD (2nd Thursday) February 12th, 2015
  • LBMA Board:, 8:00am, Benson’s by the Beach (3rd Friday) February 20th, 2015
  • LBMA General Meeting:, 8:00am, Lightship (1st Friday) February 6th, 2015


President Phillips adjourned the meeting at 8:30am

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