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KAST wants to help with promotion!

Someone to help promote your upcoming event!

KAST’s 503-325-2911

Is very interested in our area’s community projects/events etc.. He does a 4-5 pm weekly program –

SO, think of the message you want to send to the radio listeners and give him a call and set up a day!

-Shelly Pollock

Pacific County to Test All Hazard Alert Broadcast Sirens

SOUTH BEND – Pacific County Emergency Management will be testing the All Hazard Alert Broadcast (AHAB) sirens on Saturday, January 26, 2008, at 9:00 a.m. The sirens will ring the Westminster Chimes, and will follow with a verbal message indicating that this is a test only. A preview of the warning system playing Westminster Chimes is available on the World Wide Web at

In actual events, the sirens will sound a constant tone (no warble) for three continuous minutes, which will be followed by a verbal message. The Pacific County Tsunami Plan calls for the sirens to be activated any time Pacific County is placed within the area of a tsunami warning. A tsunami warning means that an earthquake in the Pacific Rim may have generated a tsunami wave that has the potential to reach the Pacific County coastline within a three hour window of time.

Residents are encouraged to listen for the test and to report any concerns to the Pacific County Emergency Management Office at (360) 875-9340/(360) 642-9340 on Monday, January 28, 2008, as this will be the first full test of the All Hazard Alert Broadcast system.

Stephanie K Fritts
Pacific County Communications and Emergency Mgmt.
PO Box 27
South Bend, WA 98586
(360) 875-9340 work
(360) 783-2911 cell

Festival Banner Calendar for 2008

Greetings Festival Heads & Tourism Partners,

Mike Kitzman and I have come up with a solution to our festival banner dilemma. With every festival now obtaining banners, we are running out of time to have each banner up before a festival takes place. We are sending a timeline that will give the dates each banner will be put up, how long it will be up, when it will come down, and the festival banner that will follow.

For those festivals that are running concurrently with each other we have decided to be fair and give each festival the opportunity to be first. For example, The Beach to Chowder Run and the DOG are the same weekend this year. The DOG will go up first and run for one week, then come down and the Beach to Chowder Run will run for the week leading up to the event. In 2009, if the events run the same weekend the Beach to Chowder Run will go up first and the DOG will run second. Therefore, each festival will be in a rotating system for all advertising fairness.

Due to the amount of banners that we already have to display, we will no longer be accepting banners for any other festival without prior approval from the City of Long Beach staff. If you have an existing banner, we will notify you if your banner needs to be repaired or replaced. The following banners are in need of attention at this time; the Rodeo banner.

The schedule is as follows:


  • Beach Clean – Banner will go up on the 22nd, event is on the 26th, the banner will be taken down on the 28th.


No banners


  • Bluegrass Festival – Banner will go up on the 20th, event is on the 28-30, the banner will be taken down on the 31st.


  • Beach Clean – Banner will go up on the 21st, event is on the 26th, the banner will be taken down on the 28th.
  • Loyalty Days – Banner will go up on the 28th, event is on the 4th, the banner will be taken down on the 5th of May


  • Surf Perch Derby – Banner will go up on the 5th, event is on the 17th, the banner will be taken down on the 19th.
  • SummerFest – Banner will go up on the 19th, the first weekend is Memorial Day, the banner will be taken down on the 9th of June.


  • The DOG – Banner will go up on the 9th, event is on the 21st, the banner will be taken down on the 16th
  • The Beach to Chowder Run – Banner will go up on the 16th, the event is on the 21st, the banner will be taken down on the 23rd.
  • SummerFest – Banner will go up on the 23rd, event is every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the banner will be taken down on July 14th.


  • Sandsations – Banner will go up on the 14th, event is on the 25-26, the banner will be taken down on the 21st.
  • Long Beach Rodeo – Banner will go up on the 21st, event is on the 26-27, the banner will be taken down on the 28th.


  • WA State International Kite Festival – Banner will go up on the 8th, the event takes place 18-24, the banner will come down on the 18th, and the KITE MUSEUM banner will run for one week during the festival. The Kite Museum banner will be taken down on the 25th.
  • Rod Run – Banner will go up on the 25th August, event is the 12-13 of September, the banner will be taken down on the 15th of September.


  • Rod Run – Banner will be taken down on the 15th September.


  • Kite Museum – Banner will go up on the 1st, event is on the 11-12th, banner will be taken down on the 13th.
  • Water Music Festival – Banner will go up on the 13th, the event is on the 17th-19th, and banner will be taken down on the 20th.

NOTE: Do to high winds and driving rain, NO banners will be displayed after October 20th, 2008. Banners will be put up weather permitting at the discretion of the City of Long Beach Parks Supervisor, Mike Kitzman.



Ragan Andrew

Economic Activities Coordinator

City of Long Beach

P O Box 310

Long Beach, WA 98631



Counterfeits: Documents that help

The following is documents that will assist the merchants with counterfeit Money and Traveler Checks.

1.  Know Your Money:  This describes the security features of different bills

2.   Travelers Checks and Money Order Verification Numbers:  This document provides number to call when they receive one of these items.  Once you call they will ask for information from the document.  They then will inform you if it is valid item and /or provide an authorization number.  This number ensures you obtain the funds and it is a real item.

3.  Secret Service $100 Bill micro printing:  This shows the micro printing security features.

4.   Secret service Black Light $100.00 Bill:  Shows embedded security thread under ultra-violet light.

5.  Merchants can purchase Fraud Fighters (UV-16):  This item reads the security features on currency, driver’s licenses, credit cards and passports.  (See


Jerry Phillips
VP Risk Manager
The Bank of the Pacific

Counterfeit $100s BEWARE

Please make sure all staff is alerted to recent passing of $100.00 dollar bills. Long Beach Police Dept. has had some complaints of a couple or pair of couples working the peninsula passing these bills.

The magic pen to determine, if the bill is fake or good, marks that it is good. However it isn’t!!

The bill feels slick, and you need to always hold the bill up to the light and check for face shadow on right hand side of bill.

Also Check the shadow bar on the left had side of the presidents picture for the line stating US 100.00, as well as make sure the picture is Franklin.

We hope that we can stop this from happening to any other merchants, so pass the word around. Also thank you to the merchants bringing it to our attention.

Bob Andrew
Mayor City of Long Beach

Humane Society Request

Our local shelter, the South Pacific County Humane Society, is currently soliciting donations for their key fundraising event of the year, the “St Patrick’s Auction Dinner Extravaganza”, which includes live and silent, Dutch, Chinese and other types of auctions as well as a fine Irish supper.

The festive event will be held on March 15, 2008. Shelter volunteers are currently seeking donations from individuals and businesses interested in supporting the event. Below is a list of ideas.

Questions & Comments to co-chairs Marie Maulden or Bonnie Teschner
Marie Bonnie

What Can You Donate?

Alongside the donations we receive from the community, we need individuals to donate items for the silent and live auction. There are endless possibilities here…

A ‘Girl’s Night In’ –
Three daring husbands offer to wait ‘hand and foot’ on 20 ladies. The men cook dinner, serve cocktails and clean up after – what more could you want?

Host a party – a simple cocktail hour in your home, or hors d’oevres on a boat, or a picnic in the woods… anything else your imagination can come up with…

We’d LOVE to have vacations to sell – do you know someone with a beach house or a time-share in Hawaii. Think about backpacking, sailing trips, road trips, ski weekends, fishing vacations, kayaking adventures, camping, flying, and sightseeing… Anyone know how to get hold of airline tickets? What about getting a cruise to Alaska? A trip to Disneyland would raise a fortune!

Are you a great cook? Food always sells, so how about donating a special cake, bread or cookies or even going to someone’s home to cook a gourmet meal.

Do you like Gardening? A few hours work in someone else’s yard is a real money-spinner.

What about those Seahawks / Sonics or tickets ?? Maybe you have Season tickets and would donate a game or two. Or a signed ball?

Know anyone who can get us tickets to the Opera or a Play? How about Gift Certificates for a meal or maybe you have connections with hotels in the Seattle/Portland/Vancouver or another vacation city and could get a room for the weekend? Gas Vouchers?

Can you donate your services? Graphic Design, Accounting, Hard Labor, Construction, Massage, Handyman, Housecleaning, Yard Services. Hair or Nail Beauty Care, Animal Sitting, House Sitting, Child Party Entertainment … the list is never-ending

Other items that are the mainstay of our auction are:
Art, Wine, Vacations, Cars, Makeovers, Kids Stuff, Animal toys and equipment, Jewelry, Sports Equipment, Specialty Food or other Gift Baskets…

The sky’s the limit. Let your imagination run wild. The animals at the Shelter will benefit from any or all that you do to make the auction a success.

Questions & Comments to co-chairs Marie Maulden or Bonnie Teschner
Marie Bonnie

Announcing an Open Forum for the Peninsula Community

Download a print-friendly flyer: open-forum-invitation.pdf


Pacific County will be accepting tree debris ONLY, such as trees, stumps, limbs, and Christmas trees at the following locations for free. Please contact Department of Community Development for questions: (360)642-9356.

South County ? 7013 Sandridge Road (this is north of Wirkkala’s on Sandridge – down the long driveway where the new County building will be going in – there’s a large brush pile there – place your debris on it.

Thanks to Shelly Pollock of NW Insurance & Financial Services for the tip!

December 14, 2007 Meeting

December 14, 2007: There are no minutes for this meeting due to the lack of a quorum. However, Chris Stephens from the Pacific County Auditors Office, was there. He informed us that the Washington State Auditor’s Conference will be held here on May 13,14,15 & 16, 2008. The Breakers will be hosting this conference. He is interested in getting contributions for the “Welcome Packets.” They are planning on 50 packets. This is a perfect opportunity to use a coupon to entice people into your business. You can contact him at if you want more specifics. We’ll post more information about this later.

Also, if you have not paid your 2008 dues, please try and do so soon. They are $75 for the year. Our next meeting is January 11th. See you there.


Welcome to the Long Beach Merchants website and blog. Our active merchant group meets at Castaways Restaurant, downtown Long Beach, Washington, on the first Friday of each month, starting at 8:00 am. Join us and learn more about our activities.

We’re currently seeking a new chair for the Christmas committee. Contact Ruth Ann Hocking to learn more, or to volunteer this year to see what it’s all about. 360.665.4141