Why Join?

Why You Should be a Member of the Long Beach Merchants Association

(or, what do I get for my $85 a year?)

  1. You will obtain Peninsula marketing information as early as possible
  2. You will receive the opportunity to make strategic alliances with other merchants to boost sales and increase customer service
  3. You will market your assets to other vendors and business people Peninsula-wide
  4. You may increase your visibility, provide community service, and just plain feel good through work on community events
  5. Your membership dues and your participation directly support many festivals and community that create a friendly and family-oriented peninsula atmosphere, and attract visitors to the Peninsula, fueling its economy.
  6. The Long Merchants Association also supports festivals and community events by others that promote Peninsula economic development. Below are the events not directly sponsored or managed by the Merchants Association, but supported by the Association and its members,
    that offer additional opportunities for business exposure and community service.
  7. Membership allows you and the Association to support Peninsula area Economic development and to provide The “critical mass” needed to result in effective change:
    1. Sponsors and coordinate workshops on public relations for merchants and their employees
    2. Create a positive environment for merchants to voice opinions and share ideas for developing tourism.
    3. Provide strength in numbers to voice concerns to City and County governments about economic issues facing our businesses.
    4. Participate in public relations, getting to know and understand fellow merchants concerns.
    5. Work toward team-oriented goals to achieve economic growth as a unified community.
    6. Encourage positive competition, which could bring a wider base of customers to our area.
  8. It’s fun to meet other merchants and stay abreast of business happenings in our town!